Our pack leaders have a love for dogs and care about their wellbeing. We are experienced dog handlers and we know how important your dog is as part of your family.

Owner Tiffany has always had a passion for animals, especially dogs. As she gained experience in dog handling and care she soon realized her love for dogs could benefit others and so moved into making it a career.

Tiffany has gained experience over the years while working as a Dog Walker, Dog Boarding Attendant, Dog Rehabilitation Assistant, and is certified in Animal Welfare and Canine First Aid.
Some of her varied experience has also  included caring for sled dogs for Iditarod mushers Jeff King and Kristin Bacon in Denali National Park and helping out at the races in Alaska. Tiffany has also spent time caring for Sled dogs in Montana, Yukon and other parts of Alaska.

Caring for a large pack of huskies is a great challenge, but ultimately very rewarding. TIffany gained a lot of knowledge of northern and large breed dogs in a pack environment and more importantly, how to read their behaviour. This skill is an asset to a dog walker when working with a variety of breeds. 

​As the owner of huskies herself, Tiffany has learned how to run dog teams and has participated in some races in the Yukon.

Caring for rescued dogs is also a passion for us and TIffany  has spent time doing this with dogs from the North. From planning the transportation, to meeting them when they landed and helping to find them a loving foster and ultimately permanent homes. She has  been involved in fundraising for this great cause, and as part of her continued effort, Leader of the Pack donates money  to fly in dogs from the far north to find forever homes.

Her care and love for animals will show true when your dog meets her and returns happy from their adventure!

Owner: Tiffany McLean